Graphite Protocol

Kairos can accept the Graphite plaintext and pickle protocol by means of the Kairos-carbon plugin. The Graphite protocols are explained here. This feature is for ingesting data only. This lets you push data to Kairos from applications that normally push to Graphite. You can also configure Carbon relay servers to send data to Kairos for long term storage.

Enabling Graphite Protocol

Turning on the Graphite plaintext and pickle protocol is done by enabling the CarbonServerModule in the file.


Configuring Graphite Protocol

The following properties control the Graphite protocol handlers

kairosdb.carbon.tagparser Class name for the tag parser (default org.kairosdb.core.carbon.HostTagParser)
kairosdb.carbon.text.port Plaintext port (default 2003)
kairosdb.carbon.pickle.port Pickle port (default 2004)
kairosdb.carbon.pickle.max_size Size of buffer to allocate for incoming pickles (default 2048)

The following settings are used with the HostTagParser class. As Kairos uses tags and requires at least one tag a tag must be derived from the metric name. The HostTagParser uses simple regular expressions to identify a host tag. The default settings below show extracting the second value in a dot notation metric name as the host. For example service.host_name.some_metric.

kairosdb.carbon.hosttagparser.host_pattern Pattern for finding the host name (default ‘[^.]*.([^.]*)..*’)
kairosdb.carbon.hosttagparser.host_replacement Used in combination with the above to come up with a host name (default ‘$1’)
kairosdb.carbon.hosttagparser.metric_pattern Pattern for finding the metric name (default ‘([^.]*).[^.]*.(.*)’)
kairosdb.carbon.hosttagparser.metric_replacement Used in combination with the above to come up with a metric name (default ‘$1.$2’)

Custom Tag Parser

To implement your own tag parser just implement org.kairosdb.core.carbon.TagParser interface and specify your new class with the kairosdb.carbon.tagparser property in